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24 September 2016

Desde comienzo de la ONU recibi Una muy buena atenci?n, los Productos Llegaron En Los Plazos establecidos y EN perfectas condiciones.<br /><br /> De parte del Equipo de Mylar Una muy buena Disposici?n para respondedor un mis dudas TIEMPO.<br /><br /> Experiencia Excelente...

16 July 2016

Sweet website, super layout, very clean and utilise genial. deacdakdaebe...

02 October 2016

Hello. If I had to rate your company for the little collaboration we had, I would score it excellent, mainly because of the courtesy and interest you showed until the product market was completed. If you would like to add something more to this process, I would suggest that you send along with th...

15 April 2018

merci beaucoup pour votre rapiditer de r?ponse ainsi que votre professionnalisme...

08 August 2015

I cannot think of any way you can improve. The things I ordered were delivered quickly, perfect condition and the products are perfect. Difficult to improve on perfection I think....

01 August 2018

(Video) Oxygen Absorbers 100cc 300cc 2000cc

Je vous remercie pour l'attention que vous avez apport? ? mon probl?me de livraison. Je vous assure que je reste client chez vous et que dans un avenir proche je vais passer de nouvelles commandes de sac et produits....

19 October 2015

Hi, Thank you for my order it came quickly a very happy customer I highly recommend you to my friends. Regards Nicola...

06 October 2016

I had a bad experience when the Swedish/Danish post company as usual succeeded in not delivering in reasonable time. Once I had clarified the situation for Mylar shop they immediately sent me a new package which was trackable and the package arrived within a few days. The same day as the new pack...

22 July 2019

Site au top, marchandise livrée parfaitement emballée, délai super rapide et qualité irréprochable des produits commandés Absolutely perfect...

17 February 2019

Super produits et une livraison rapide ! Un service client très réactif et bien à l'écoute, je recommande sans hésiter ------------------------- Great products and rapid delivery ! A very reactive and listening customer service, I recommend without hesitation....

20 December 2020

My package is here already! Thanks for the great service. Am sure I\'ll see you again soon!...

03 November 2011

Arrived today, excellent delivery and packaging. Many thanks....

M Morris
14 April 2012

(Video) ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Mylar Bag & Oxygen Absorber Questions

I started ordering at Mylar Shop in 2017. The products are really of excellent quality. The shipment is very fast and packages are perfectly packaged. I happened to have a problem with an order of which Mylar shop was ultimately not responsible. So I wrote to the company that answered me only a f...

19 May 2019

Loved my first order! Thanks for making it straight forward....

Susan Paterson
24 February 2022

Great product, superior quality! Customer service in a class of its own. I placed an order late on 21/12/21, i was tired and not concentrating on what i was ordering. I made a mistake on my order by clicking one the wrong item. A payment was made and my purchase was confirmed. When I realised the...

Paul Briffa
24 December 2021

I was new to this field and after a lot of researching ended up on this site. There are various other sites that the top of google searches will lead you to first which seem overly expensive. If you're new to storing food long term, then it can be a minefield and we don't want that bag ...

Mark Sankey
29 November 2022

package is just arrived, thanks a lot for everything. It was pleasure to do job with you....

10 January 2016

Je tiens une nouvelle fois ? vous f?liciter pour la r?activit? de votre r?ponse et vous informe que mon colis est arriv? .. merci je suis satisfait de vos services .....

Lionel K
10 November 2018

Very good service, very helpful and very polite. Would definitely buy from again....

02 July 2019

(Video) Buyer Beware Series- Full Seal - An Amazon seller.

Really fab Mylar bags and just as important great service. I had a problem with an order and called. No one answered by 10mins later l received a call from the company, the gentleman said that he was driving and said he would call me back when he reached the office, really didn’t expect a call ...

19 August 2020

Hello, Really good service. Good products, good overall ordering process, good follow up, quick delivery, very much appreciated (in this age where only "the sale" matters and once it's done, it gets chaotic not to say ... hell). Keep up the good work. "Real" service (mean...

Daniel Suter
12 February 2016

Je recommande ce site qui a su faire preuve de rapidit? d'envoi, d'un suivi de commande (?garement par le transporteur) extr?mement professionnel en l'appelant tr?s souvent afin que le colis me parvienne dans mes d?lais. Des personnes qui parlent parfaitement bien le fran?ais et qu...

01 August 2017

The 35cm x 50cm HD bags are ideal for the long term storage of normal length spaghetti or linguine from the supermarket. Carefully lay the pasta sticks sideways into the bag and each bag will hold 7 to 8 kg, depending on the brand, with a couple of inches left at the top for sealing the bag, in m...

Robert Welham
25 May 2022

I ordered some heavy duty zip lock bags for long term tea storage/aging. They came really quick, a great price for the quality! Really heavy dity and the zip-lock seals great...

11 May 2021

Lovely presentation, thanks....

Kate Harvey
14 April 2012

I am always happy to buy my bags from Mylar Shop. The quality is excellent and service too. Thanks, Petr....

10 July 2015

(Video) How to Tell if Your Oxygen Absorbers Are Still Good!

Hello, I have received my so expected order. Now I can store food the way it should be stored. Thank you, Pedro...

18 October 2013

Just received the package. Everything is good. Thanks for everything, you've been extremely prompt and delivered on your word. Will definitely be buying from your store again. Have a great day. Regards, Bhavish...

22 June 2017

Very pleasant experience! Everything is easy and shipment is very fast to Italy!...

11 March 2019

Very fast responses to emails and I was pleased to talk to someone who seemed to know what they were talking about. My items came within the 5 days and I can highly recommend the Mylar bags. It\'s really cuttong down on the smell of my herbs! :-)...

Geoff Langer
06 September 2011

Thanks Bill for your help and advice, You were very helpful and thank you for your patience and good service Carl....

01 July 2021
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