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Education is all about imparting knowledge to students. But it is also a business, which means that the marketing rules also apply to this field to get the desired goals. School logo designs can help these institutions in attracting their potential students and clients. A unique and memorable logo becomes a marketing tool for business promotion and to enhance market reach.

The number of educational institutions and schools is increasing everywhere. In the U.S, there were around 90,000 elementary schools between 2013 and 2014. This statistics shows that there is no dearth of students for an upcoming educational institute. Still, the competition in this field exists, as the institutions have to run like a business. This is the reason that an aggressive marketing of even the established institutions becomes essential for the desired success.

If your school or any other type of education-related business is in its nascent stage, its logo plays a crucial role in reaching out to the audience. A logo becomes the face of your business even if it is related to education. But if school logo designs are memorable, they help build brand identity of the schools. People take a remarkable logo as a sign of the company’s professionalism and business values. This is true also for educational institutes.

One of the chief characteristics of memorable logos is that they are a simple design. Most of the logos of global enterprises are great examples of simplicity of design. Take for example the Apple logo. It is just an apple with a bite. But it is a unique and memorable design too. Nike’s swoosh logo is another example. So, make sure that your education logo is a minimalistic design that everyone can grasp at first glance.

But a simple logo must also be scalable and versatile. Your school may think of putting advertisements on billboards. This means that the logo will be scaled up to larger sizes on billboards so that everyone can see it from greater distances. Professional graphic designers use design grids to ensure that each element in the logo is in the right proportion.

Such a logo does not lose its sense of proportion when blown up to larger sizes. Similarly, when a logo is printed on a business card and promotional products, its size will be scaled down. That case the logo details should be clearly visible.

Many newspapers publish advertisements in black and white. Besides that, your logo will be on stationery, faxed documents, copies of documents, leaflets etc. So, make sure that your school logo does not lose its original looks and uniqueness in its colorless version.

Another key point to note when designing a logo is regarding inspiration. You need some unique design concepts to work on. But a new concept or idea comes to mind when we look around for some inspiration, which can come from any source. One of the sources is to have a look at innovative logo designs from your own collection or elsewhere.

Here Is A List Of Impressive Education & School Logo Designs

01. 2Gether

This is one of the inspirational education and school logo designs. The designer created a figure of a happy child with the help of some thick lines only. The green color in the logo stands for the natural joy of the students. The blue color is the color of intelligence and togetherness.

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02. High Five

The institution is in counseling and coaching business. The firm’s name is aptly represented in the figures of hands giving a high five, which is a gesture of agreement and joy. This symbol in the company’s logo design thus says a lot about the company’s business where people are counseled into doing something in a right way.

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03. Hawaii Rainbow

Hawaii Rainbow Academy logo design is in red, sky blue, green, yellow and dark blue colors. These colors stand for energy, intelligence, nature, happiness, and socialization. The rainbow of colors represents the institution’s name. The logo is in the conventional round shape, which is the sign of authenticity of the institution.

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04. Eng Max

Eng Max is in the business of teaching the English language to the world. The ‘e’ letter in the logo is shaped like a smiley and satisfied customer who wants to learn the language. Blue and red colors conventionally stand for the emotions of intelligence and energy.

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This is a simple design that uses the power of colors to look unique. Such logos look great and become part of business card design and other design items.

05. BEST

This logo has conventional symbols of the education hats and two students jumping up with the joy of getting the degrees. This symbol conveys the business of the company instantly to the audience. The logo looks impressive in all backgrounds including blue and black.

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06. Career Camps

The Career Camps logo is one of the simplest education & school logo designs. There are just a few lines that make the globe in the logo. The globe stands for the aspirations that a student has when building a career. The designer used sans-serif fonts to convey that the firm organizes care camps for students in an amicable environment and offers friendly advise.

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07. ABA Plus

This is a unique logo design for its use of the plus sign. The company has the word plus in its name. The designer thought it fit to incorporate this into a mathematical sign of plus and placed that in the letter B in a brilliant way.

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The + sign gives this logo a distinct identity, which helps in building the company’s brand identity. Such unique logos look impressive across all platforms including your website design.

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This kind of logo ideas & inspiration are for the firms that raise fund for early childhood education. In this case, the firm’s name and the mention of its job find the place in the logo design prominently. There are some semi-circles which stand for the action and movement associated with raising the funds.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (9)

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Shades of green color are used to convey the steady growth of children by financing their education. Such a simple but unique logo looks impressive when used across digital platforms. Therefore, we can say that it is an impressive online education logo as well.

09. Skills Gap

Skills Gap logo uses the conventional shield design to convey the brand message. The company provides education related solutions. The shield is the symbol of providing security, which, in the company’s case, is about delivering the security from any misinformation.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (10)

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There is also another traditional lock symbol used in the logo. The overall shape of the logo is a lock which is also a symbol of security. So, a brand message delivered through the logo is that the company gives you the right educational solutions to make sure secure from any instabilities in life.

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10. Windham Woods

Windham Woods is a school dedicated to the children who face learning disabilities. The company’s logo has three trees that have pointed shapes. These trees thus become the symbol of progress and healthy life.

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The logo expresses that the children studying and trained in this school have a positive outcome and will lead a healthy and purposeful life. There is a hope expressed in the tree symbol used in the logo.

11. River City Pre-School

River City Preschool logo is one of the brilliantly created education & school logo designs. This simple logo depicts two small children playing happily. The pink and blue colors are bright colors to express joy and happiness of children. The curvy lines stand for the flow of life and the excitement of children.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (12)

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12. Little Music

Little Music gives music lessons to the small children. The company’s logo is a multicolor logo using blue, yellow, brown, red, and green as colors to express children’s natural joy and happiness. The musical symbols are also incorporated in the music logo to convey the company’s business of teaching music to children.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (13)

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13. Community

This logo design uses the conventional symbol of hands to show the values of protection and delivering. The firm provides education to grown-up people who are illiterate. The book symbol says all about the institution’s core message and job.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (14)

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When picking colors and fonts etc elements, visit your client’s other marketing materials such as brochure design. Borrow the colors etc element from there to incorporate into your logo.

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14. St. Francis High School

St. Francis High School teaches visual and performing arts. The masks and musical signs in the logo tell that the school is in the education-related business of providing the education in performing arts. The figure of a Father in the middle of the logo tells that the institution belongs to the religious institution.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (15)

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15. Next Lavel Prep

This is a modern logo for a business that offers tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation classes. The book and hat symbols are conventional but designed in a modern style. The blue and black colors evoke the feelings of intelligence, socialization, and power.

15 Innovative Education & School Logo Designs For Inspiration - Designhill (16)

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

These are the inspirational education & school logo designs that will compel you to create a logo. All of the logos are simple but unique in concept and the use of colors, fonts, symbols, etc. design elements.

If you are also looking to create one such logo for your educational institute, you can think of crowdsourcing the job to Designhill. This leading platform is known for its affordable graphic design services and prices when it comes to creating a host of designs for small businesses.

All you need to do is to launch your logo design contest on the site. You will get access to many designers working on your logo project. Soon, you will have dozens of new graphic designs concepts from as many designers.

In a short period of one or two weeks, you can thus have a winning logo for your educational institute. You can have graphic design services of talented designers at your access at an affordable price.

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These innovative educational & school logo designs are inspirational in their unique use of design elements. Each such logo is an example of a simple design concept. The use of colors, fonts, and symbols is exemplary.

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