5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (2023)

The large number of 60cm gas cookers available at the moment means that you have plenty to choose from, but it can be hard to know where to start. Their quality can vary dramatically. As can the functions and features on offer.

60cm gas cookers are popular for their convenient size, efficiency and responsive temperature controls. They are likely to fit into nearly all kitchens and they are also a good general fit for the everyday life of most families.

When selecting the cookers featured in this list, I’ve taken into account how well they perform and how that measures against the needs of a modern household. While I’ve looked primarily for affordable options, you can also choose from a range of prices to find on that best suits your budget.

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Best 60cm Gas Cookers

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (1)



5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (2)



5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (3)


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5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (4)



5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (5)



Hotpoint Ultima HUG61X

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (6)

When I first saw this Hotpoint gas cooker I did a bit of a double-take – it’s seriously nice looking. The stainless-steel finish draws its influence from more contemporary styled ovens, yet it also has a classic feel to it. The end result is so unique that it will look at home in even the most upmarket kitchen.

Built using a dual oven design with a 77 litre main oven and 32 litre second oven, this 60cm cooker has all the space required for a big family. It is also important to note that the second compartment can act as a variable gas grill, making it impressively versatile.

On the top, the four-burner hob looks fantastic and offers a heap of room for the casual cook. You can benefit from flame supervision safety features, automatic ignition and a lid that gives you extra workspace when you’re not using the burners. The only minor downside I could find was that the enamel pan supports were a little too lightweight and moved around a little when placing or moving pans.

As a bonus, both ovens are fitted with catalytic liners, which absorb and break down any grease spills. The Hotpoint Ultima HUG61X is the ultimate combination of impeccable style and formidable function.


  • 77 litre main gas oven
  • 32 litre secondary gas oven/grill combo
  • Attractive contemporary appearance
  • Catalytic liners
  • Four burner hob
  • Automatic hob ignition
  • Flame supervision safety system
  • Hob cover


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  • The pan supports could be sturdier

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Rangemaster Classic 60

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (8)

The name ‘Rangemaster’ should immediately tell you that you’re in for a treat. And that’s exactly what you get from the Rangemaster Classic 60.

One of their smaller options, the Rangemaster Classic 60 is the epitome of style. It’s is finished in cream coloured steel with matte black frontage and stainless steel trim. The overall look is that of a robust traditional design that is elegant in its simplicity.

It comes with two conventional ovens, the second of which doubles as a grill. The main oven provides 41 litres of space and the oven/grill combo another 17 litres. They both have side-mounted catalytic easy clean liners and the main oven has a bright interior light to let you check on the progress of your dinner.

The four-burner hob has gas rings of two sizes and conveniently lights by automatic ignition. The cast-iron stove top is extremely solid and the overall durability of the machine is next level. On the top you get cast iron pan supports that hold even the sturdiest cookware steady.

This is a serious cooker that will last a lifetime.Due to the small size of its cooking compartments, it may not be the most versatile option on this list, but it is a great cooker that you’re going to love using on a daily basis.


  • Classic Rangemaster style
  • 41 litre main oven
  • 17 litre secondary oven/grill
  • Side-mounted catalytic liners
  • Cast iron stovetop with four-burners
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Automatic ignition
  • Powerful, fast-heating


  • Both cooking compartments may be too small for some families.
  • Both ovens only get a B rating for energy efficiency.

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (9)



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Stoves Sterling 600G

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (10)

Built out of almost nothing but stainless steel and frosted glass, this Sterling gas cooker is so futuristic that it is deserving of a spot in any modern kitchen. Not only is it impressive to look at, it also offers an excellent range of functions too.

It comes with two conventional oven compartments, the main one coming in at 59 litres, while the second oven has a capacity of 35 litres. This second oven doubles as an electric grill, giving you several options when it comes to cooking your meals. The range of cooking options makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy preparing elaborate dishes with components that must be cooked at the same time. Disappointingly the main oven has only been awarded a B rating for energy efficiency.

On top is the surprisingly roomy four-burner hob with three different ring sizes and flame supervision safety device. Unfortunately, there is no automatic ignition, so you have to make do with the reasonably reliable push-button system.

Like most ovens within this price range, it offers an easy to clean enamel interior, making oven cleaning easy as long as you wipe it down regularly. Additionally, this cooker is fully programmable, and its interface and LED display are quite easy to use.


  • Futuristic appearance
  • 59 litre main oven
  • 35 litre secondary oven/grill combo
  • Fully programmable
  • LED display
  • Both ovens are lined with enamel
  • Four burner hob


  • No automatic hob ignition
  • The main oven only gets a B energy rating

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Rangemaster Professional 60

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (12)

Opting for a different look to the Classic, the Rangemaster Professional 60 is built almost entirely out of black finished steel, with stainless steel fittings. The result is a much more modern appearance that will appeal to those who prefer a more contemporary kitchen.

Built with two conventional oven compartments, of 41 litres and 17 litres, there is just enough cooking space for most small families. The second oven is also an integrated grill which offers you the ability to cook quick snacks or to brown the tops of dishes from the oven. Each of the oven compartments come with catalytic liners and the main one also has a double-glazed viewing window.

The four-burner stove top is made of extremely high quality cast iron and also features cast iron pan supports. There are two sizes of gas ring available and they are easily lit with an automatic ignition system. To help you keep track of the time, there is an electronic clock/timer.

The build quality, finish and functionality of the Rangemaster Professional 60 are impressive, but unfortunately, it struggles with energy efficiency. The energy rating of both ovens is a disappointing B. However, this is still a responsive, quick heating cooker that will deliver a range of meals for decades to come.


  • Stunning contemporary Rangemaster style
  • 41 litre main oven
  • 17 litre secondary oven/grill
  • Side-mounted catalytic liners
  • Cast iron stove top with four-burners
  • Cast-iron pan supports
  • Automatic ignition
  • Powerful, fast-heating


  • Both cooking compartments may be too small for some families.
  • Both ovens only get a B rating for energy efficiency.

Rangemaster Professional 60

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5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (13)



Best Budget 60cm – Kenwood KDG606S19

5 Best 60cm Gas Cookers | Cooker Base (14)

The Kenwood KDG606S19 may look like a run of the mill 60cm gas cooker, but it offers serious value for money and a great all-round performance. It’s spacious, functional and the main oven has an energy rating of A+.

The sizeable main oven offers conventional heating and an internal capacity of 65 litres. Although you don’t have lots of different functions, you do have fast heat and five shelf positions to choose from. Wonderfully, you also have assisted cleaning in the main oven with a set of catalytic liners.

The second oven is 31 litres and features an integrated electric grill. I like the inclusion of an electric grill because it adds to the broad range of options you have with this cooker.

The hob has four-burners and a flame supervision safety feature to stop the gas flow if the flame goes out. The enamel pan-supports aren’t as solid as they could be, but they are easy to clean and can go through the dishwasher if necessary. Unfortunately, the hob ignition is only manual, but I’m happy to overlook that because of the other excellent features.

This is a well built, durable gas cooker that could last a family well over a decade. It’s not got the style and finish of some of the other cookers found here, but you’re still getting a quality piece of kit.


  • 65 litre main oven
  • 31 litre secondary gas oven/electric grill
  • Catalytic liners in the main oven
  • Enamel lining in the second oven
  • Four-burner hob
  • Enamel pan supports
  • Energy rating A+/A


  • Pan supports could be weightier
  • The hob has manual ignition

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So there you have it, my list of the best 60cm gas cookers available in the UK. Selecting a cooker is a very personal choice. What works for you might not work for someone else. To ensure you get the right cooker, take your time, do your research and consider if it has the right features and characteristics to match your lifestyle.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the article. Let me know which are your favourite gas cookers and why in the comments below.


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